Why Jingles Are Effective Advertising Tools

Jingles. We have all heard them. Those catchy tunes we hear on the television or more often on the radio. Many people think that writing a jingle is simple. After all, it’s not a complete song — it’s just a tiny snippet of music and words… so how hard can that be to write?

While writing jingles can be lucrative if you are a songwriter, they can also be an effective marketing and advertising tool if you are looking for a great advertising resource for your business. However, they do need to follow a few guidelines to be successful.

For instance, a great example of a successful jingle is one written and produced for the charitable organization Kars for Kids. As its name suggests, this organization accepts cars as donations to help with the goal of assisting children with educational goals and opportunities.

This catchy jingle may be considered annoying by some listeners; however, it is living up to its purpose of placing and keeping the brand and message into the minds of the listeners.

The writers of this jingle have followed the guidelines of jingle writing to create this radio piece. The guidelines include:

  • Know the brand and/or the product they are trying to sell.
  • Use lyrics that are catchy. Puns and rhymes are particularly effective.
  • Use the name of the product. This will create the memory of the product for the listener.
  • Use a memorable, catchy tune.

While these guidelines seem easy, the Kars for Kids jingle is particularly effective in its presentation. It has caused people to sing along, hum the tune or otherwise repeat the jingle. This is effective because the writers know that when it comes time for these people to donate a car, the organization will definitely be the first one listeners think of. The jingle is pure genius!

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