The Ways SmartPhones Have Changed the Broadcast Media World

The Ways SmartPhones Have Changed the Broadcast Media World

Smart phones and the Internet have really changed how people receive their news. People are turning more and more to their smart phones and the Internet service that it provides as a way to get news because it allows them to get their news instantly and not have to wait until they get home to see the daily news. Here’s a look at some examples of how smart phones and the Internet have changed the way people receive their news.

Text Messages. People are able to receive their news via text message. These can be small blurbs that allow the person who receives a text message to get a small glimpse into what new story has recently been updated. People like to receive the text message view that allows them to get instant alerts on the latest news and information.

Apps. With the invention of the iPhone the same there’s an app for everything has really come true. People are able to download an app that allows them to get instant alerts from their favorite news and TV outlets. Apps are almost the same as text messages but instead show up on the screen and can give people more information than 140 characters.

RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds are a great way for people who have smart phones to receive the latest information on websites that are updated regularly. People can subscribe to these feeds and receive an instant alert when their website updates. This allows them to get the latest news and information the minute it happens.

Why Jingles Are Effective Advertising Tools

Jingles. We have all heard them. Those catchy tunes we hear on the television or more often on the radio. Many people think that writing a jingle is simple. After all, it’s not a complete song — it’s just a tiny snippet of music and words… so how hard can that be to write?

While writing jingles can be lucrative if you are a songwriter, they can also be an effective marketing and advertising tool if you are looking for a great advertising resource for your business. However, they do need to follow a few guidelines to be successful.

For instance, a great example of a successful jingle is one written and produced for the charitable organization Kars for Kids. As its name suggests, this organization accepts cars as donations to help with the goal of assisting children with educational goals and opportunities.

This catchy jingle may be considered annoying by some listeners; however, it is living up to its purpose of placing and keeping the brand and message into the minds of the listeners.

The writers of this jingle have followed the guidelines of jingle writing to create this radio piece. The guidelines include:

  • Know the brand and/or the product they are trying to sell.
  • Use lyrics that are catchy. Puns and rhymes are particularly effective.
  • Use the name of the product. This will create the memory of the product for the listener.
  • Use a memorable, catchy tune.

While these guidelines seem easy, the Kars for Kids jingle is particularly effective in its presentation. It has caused people to sing along, hum the tune or otherwise repeat the jingle. This is effective because the writers know that when it comes time for these people to donate a car, the organization will definitely be the first one listeners think of. The jingle is pure genius!

The South Park Example of Government Censorship in the United States Media

It is not every day that people in the United States experience the form of censorship when it comes to the media. The United States is a country with a very liberal country that allows freedom of the press and freedom of speech. However, there was an occasional instance where the United States and some of the media outlets had to make the tough decision to censor one of the most popular TV shows or to risk the potential for international crisis.

The television show South Park was scheduled to show a sketch of Family Guy. During this small part of South Park one of the people from the show Family Guy would open the door and be greeted by the prophet Mohammed. To United States this may not seem like such a big deal but in the Middle East this is. According to the religion Islam is strictly prohibited from depicting the Prophet Mohammed. It is believed that by allowing the show South Park it could enrage the already sensitive situation over in the Middle East.

The creators of South Park were asked by the television station that aired their show to please consider blurring out the image of the prophet Mohammed. However, the creators of the show believe that this was a form of government censorship and did not go along with it. Instead they submitted the episode with their own picture of the prophet Mohammed.

Considering the type of situation that a picture of Mohammed would cause the White House requested that the television station not air the episode. The television station gave the creators of South Park the opportunity to choose between showing another person, blurring out the image or having their whole entire show pulled. Eventually in the end the creators of South Park decided to air a black screen that declared government censorship at its finest.

The Benefit of Museums in Education

Most low level classes take a barrage of field trips over the course of the school year to get children out of the class and allow them to experience what they are learning in real time. Whether it is a trip to the zoo to allow them the visually appealing opportunity to see the animals up close and personal they are learning about in class, or a trip to a factory to see how a specific item that they might use on a regular basis is created; field trips and real time exposure to lessons are pivotal in a child’s understanding. In terms of the less desirable subjects, such as mathematics or history, most children, short of a select view, are going to be bored out of their minds due to the less appealing and stimulating content in which they are being taught. However, one way to help solve this problem might be to incorporate a field trip.

Museums in particular are among one of the more widely visited places in the world of field trips. The reason for this is due to the fact that museums themselves are educational institutions. Clearly, places like the zoo are educational as well, but they focus more so on the entertainment aspect and flashy appeal. Museums on the other hand provide an educational outlet in which students can actually see the seemingly boring material they are reading about in their textbooks and realize it is something more. Whether they are studying pre-historic civilizations and visit a corresponding museum that allows them to see firsthand the unique tools that were used by these civilizations in their survival, or they are studying specific events in an dominating culture of the past and are able to get a guided tour around a museum that specializes in that area of history; museums are prized tools that can be utilized for ease of learning in the more difficult subjects.

American Society’s Dependence on Technology

With the vast advancements that have been made in the technological world over the years, American society has adapted well to taking in the new changes with undeniably open arms. However, while in fact these new pieces of technology are seemingly making life more simple and everyday tasks a smidgen easier with each newly released software update, society is becoming dependent on this growing trend.

This is not an issue in itself, as having a cell phone that can perform one hundred separate tasks in addition to sending and receiving phone calls is pretty neat by most standards. However, if these ingenious small metallic and fiberglass achievements in communications from our modern world were suddenly taken away, people of all ages would undoubtedly go insane without the ability to text message or tweet at will.

Aside from cell phones, other aspects of our lives are continuing to be run via some form of a technological advancement that has been made within the last couple of decades. Whether it be the vast databases with extremely personal information welded up in a bank’s mainframe infrastructure, or the GPS system in a primarily computerized mechanical vehicle ensuring you find your way to the nearest gas station to fill up your tank and purchase a 44 oz. Mountain Dew, the obsession of obtaining all of the latest pieces of technology and the latest version of any predecessors has never been so prevalent.

Technology is not a bad thing, obviously it makes the lives of everyone who utilizes it better. However, as our society slowly submerges itself into the world of becoming solely dependent on a piece of machinery to accomplish a task that was done manually years past, or computers to answer questions and or store sensitive information that can thus be accessed the same way; should the time come that these luxuries are taken away, it is not too far from the truth to fear chaos will persist.

Preserving Your Cultural Heritage for Your Children

Every Halloween my mother put out an altar for our dead relatives. Every year at the beginning of January I put out one shoe, so that the three kings would leave me a chocolate bar. My after school snack was usually a corn tortilla rolled up with a little bit of butter. My mother’s rice was cooked with mint, and her black beans simmered on the stove all day long and were flavored with special avocado leaves sent by Jefa, my grandmother.

It wasn’t until I had my own child that I understood the significance of the way she had raised me. I always knew that I was an American, but I also knew my mother was Mexican and she had taught me a lot about her rich culture.

Nothing she did was particularly special, even thought it really was. She gave me broader experiences and a deeper sense of who I was by exposing me to the unique aspects of her heritage.

Everyone can do the same by following a few steps:

  • Share folklore and historical stories with your children.
  • Teach your children about the indigenous people of your home.
  • Prepare traditional dishes, or include cultural ingredients in family meals.
  • Practice cultural rituals, and celebrate traditional holidays.

As my daughter got older I began looking for more and more ways to introduce her to the same experiences I had as a child. The first year we celebrated El Día de los Muertos, I bought plastic molds and we made sugar skulls. I started putting mint in my rice. A couple weeks after Christmas my daughter would wake up to find a chocolate bar in her shoe.

At first my boyfriend didn’t quite get it, even though he said he did. He was a non-practicing Jew, and didn’t see any reason to start so close to turning 40. Well, until our son was born. That was the year we celebrated our first Hanukkah as a family.

Digitally Preserving Family Documents

Knowing your family history is the first step towards preserving it. Having a shoebox tucked up in the closet that’s filled with aging photographs and crumbling papers isn’t the best way keep your documents safe.

The most efficient way of preserving your documents is to scan them into your computer so you have digital copies of your family records. Different types of documents to scan include:

Family Portraits
Photos give you a visual sense of family, and help bring someone to life. When you have multiple people in a family photo you can start to see the interpersonal relationships different family members had with each other. Photos also help establish time lines, geographic location, and offer socioeconomic clues about family during the time of the photograph.

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
Valuable information is stated in birth, death and marriage certificates. All of these help establish time lines, nationality, physical location, and family relationships.

Newspaper Clippings and Handwritten Letters
Letters and newspaper clippings have a lot of personal “slice of life” type of information. They help to flush out details of the time period, as well as establish interpersonal relationships.

Military and Professional or Educational Documents
College degrees, professional certificates and military documents are all valuable for rounding out a person’s life. From these documents you can find information on international travel, what kind of education they had, and what honors they were awarded during their career.

Once you have all your materials gathered, scanned, and touched up if needed, you can use family tree software to organize them, or you can do it yourself by putting documents in specific folders or by creating a slide show from iPhoto for Mac or Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Sharing with your family is not much simpler once you have digital copies. You can burn your work to a CD or DVD, or save your files together in a PDF and email them out. You won’t have to worry about photos being lost or ripped up any more.

California Planning: Riverside Property Management

Image by Jupacri via Flickr

It’s the chance of your (admittedly short) lifetime — you’re seeking golden coasts and slow waves, the endless sprawls of sun and summer. California beckons and you intend to answer the call. So a vacation is planned; and a budget is created. You won’t need much, you’re certain: all days will be spent on the beach, enjoying natural beauty and its naturally free cost. You need nothing beyond a few spare dollars and a supply of sandals. No other items will apply.

This, you discover as soon as you arrive and are greeted by the wealth of attractions, is wrong. Riverside property management companies warned you of diversity — and now you realize they were correct. There is much to do… and you are woefully unprepared.

Too often do individuals assume that they will do nothing on a vacation beyond lounge at the beach. Sand is their intention and they’re certain it’s a worthy one. It is — but few dedicate themselves entirely to it. There are monuments to explore. There are amusements to seek. The waves simply won’t capture all focus at all times.

And that endless offering of capris and bikini tops is suddenly inappropriate.

It’s vital therefore that each trip be understood as multi-faceted. You will do more than swim; you will see more than coastlines. It’s imperative then that you pack accordingly:

One: Casual wear. Select clothing that can be used for strolls along the promenade or in local shops. Bathing suits are not suitable.

Two: Evening wear. While you may prefer the ease of diners and drive-thrus, you may also wish to sample exotic cuisines. Have an outfit dedicated to elegance.

Three: Shoes. Never assume that your beloved flip-flops will suffice. Be certain to have at least one pair of loafers, heels or the refined equivalent.

A journey to California requires more than tanning lotion. Be prepared and dress well.

Finding Kids Costumes for any Occasion

Bulgarian costume from northern region. Photo ...
Image via Wikipedia

When people think of the need to find a costume for their child to wear, they often think of Halloween, but that’s not the only time you might need to dress your child up as someone else. There are parties that can require costumes, sometimes birthdays have a theme where people dress up, and there are also school plays to consider. In other words, you could find yourself needing a costume at any time of year. You don’t want to have to try to make one, because it’s generally more complicated than it looks and you may not have the skills, the material, or the time.

Don’t feel bad about not making the costume yourself. There are plenty of kids costumes you can buy that are good quality and will hold up well. By looking around at what you already have, you might also be able to take a costume you’ve purchased and adjust it slightly so it’s more representative of exactly who your child wants to be. That’s especially important with some parties and plays, because the characters are often very specific and you want your child to look just right. Don’t let him or her go to the party not looking right. That’s an easy way to create disappointment.

Kids costumes are great fun, too, when children play dress-up and wear the costumes just because. Keeping a few common costumes around can create hours of fun and enjoyment, and keep your children from getting bored. It’s also a lot of fun when friends sleep over, because they can dress up and play all sorts of things, just by using their imaginations. It’s a great way to give them something to do and let yourself have some quiet time while they play.