The Importance of Broadcasting in American History

The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold

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Broadcasting has played an important role in American history, helping to shape out entertainment experiences and knowledge of the world around us. From the radio to the Internet, it has been a vital part of shaping our society.

Broadcasting first played a truly important role during the era of World War II. People could now listen in their homes to news of battles along the front, hear politicians give speeches live and to listen to a variety of shows. It was a critical part of helping to keep the country’s morale high during hard times and keeping them informed. Radio at this time also began to broadcast play-by-play announcing of popular sporting events, such as baseball and football. Music was also a popular thing to listen to.

When television came onto the scene, broadcasting took on a whole new appearance. Now Americans are to black and white, then color broadcasts of news, sports and popular shows. Children’s programming became a new genre for the major broadcasting companies to take advantage of with shows such as Howdy Doody and The Lone Ranger.

Vietnam was one of the first conflicts to be broadcasted in detail on the news in color, bringing the horrors of war into American homes. In the present day broadcasting has fully embraced the world and technology of the Internet, with blogs, websites and more for people to explore. Broadcasting will continue to make its mark on American history as events and technology continue to change.

Staying Connected With Your Family

In this day and age, everybody has their own things to take care of. Nobody really has time to just sit around and hang out like they did in the old days. There are too many things to do and not enough hours in the day to accomplish as much as we all want to cram in there. Unfortunately, sometimes technology is the best we can do for togetherness.

While there might be psychological problems associated with being apart too much, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Being apart allows people to earn their livings and gain independent knowledge, which helps them move onward in the world. When a family spends a lot of time apart, it can be tough. But that doesn’t mean they have to be apart in every way. For instance, with a Blackberry smartphone a family can keep in touch no matter where they may all have run off to.

If you find that you and your family are spending more time working, eating and playing apart than you spend doing these things together, you need to bring your family together in any way you can. If that means playing games on the same team through your smartphones, that can be a great way to encourage your family to feel like a team. While talking in person is the best way to keep connected, talking on the phone and texting frequently is the next best thing. Never underestimate the power of technology to keep your family remembering your connection to one another.

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Modern Examples of Censorship

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Researching Your Family Tree Online

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How Social Networking Keeps us Connected

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