The Evolution of Human Communication in The Twentieth Century

Technology is a wonderful thing. If we take a moment to look back and reflect upon the advancements that have been made over the past 100 years, it is astonishing. This concept is particularly evident when it comes to communication. In the early twentieth century we were still transferring mail via horseback, messages through telegraphic wiring networks and depended on the radio for most news taking place outside of our hometowns. Fast-forwarding 100 years, the entire face of society, and communications specifically have drastically evolved. It is nearly impossible to go anywhere by today’s standards and not get a piece of some form of news, or large scale occurrences taking place around the world.

One of the largest accomplishments that assisted in the vast evolution of fast and efficient communication was the television. Before television, radios were the dominant source of media; television opened up an entirely new spectrum of media and news travel potential. After the induction of this wonderful picture box, computers moved in a few decades later. When the personal computer was first being utilized, it was not nearly what a personal computer is in modern society, it was more of a box that stored information and made complicated calculations. However, as the internet popped on and massive networks became interlinked, computers began making their way into the everyday residential household.

Moving ahead another twenty years, the number of computers in residential households is growing at a seemingly exponential rate. As the number of computers grow, as do the number of people plugged into the internet. The internet proves to be the fastest and most efficient way to find and obtain information. Whether the information comes from a streamed media site run by a large broadcasting station, or is simply and RSS feed from an entertainment site; when something big happens, it tends to find it’s way to the internet within the hour of the occurrence, providing incredibly up to date and nearly real time information for people.

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