The Evolution and History of Communicating

When one takes the time to go back and reflect upon the advancements that have been made over the past millennium in terms of society and the tools humans utilize to successfully perform their daily takes, it is truly remarkable. This concept pertains specifically to advancements that have been made through communicating over the past 100 years.

Not long ago in the early 1900s, humans were prone to using wires and horseback to transmit messages from one place to another. Telephones had recently been introduced and utilized telegraphic transmission to deliver sounds and voices from one apparatus to another. Additionally, the concept of wireless communications via the radio was still extremely new and not well known technology. Little did anyone living in the early 20th century have any inclination of thinking that such drastic advancements would be made in as little as 100 years.

Moving ahead to the year 2000, efficient communication is a way of life. Pilots of large aircraft that carry thousands of passengers around the globe on a daily basis wirelessly communicate clearly to air traffic controllers that give them the word to safely land on a runway. Additionally, computers have taken a front seat as one of the most prolific and widely used pieces of technology in the average American household. With hundreds and thousands of computers making their way into households on an annual basis, these versatile pieces of technology offer a wide range of options for people to communicate from anywhere to anyone in any place on the globe, and even beyond.

Additionally, the prized telegraph phone from the late 19th and early 20th century has been slightly tweaked and transformed into a miniature handheld device with vast capabilities and efficiency. Cell phones have become a staple in modern society not only providing a way to communicate, but leading the forefront of a new way of life and communications.

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