The Debate of Print Media Vs Broadcast Media

The Debate of Print Media Vs Broadcast Media

There is a long-standing debate in the media and communications world. Many people wonder whether the print media is better than broadcast media or if broadcast media is better than print media. Here’s a look at some of the information that will allow you to shed light on whether one is better than the other.

Range of Audience. Over the past couple of years the audience for print media has diminished in favor of broadcast media. In a recent survey over 70% of the adults were surveyed admitted to getting their news from the television or the Internet instead of a newspaper.

The Mission Of the Media Form. It is the goal and mission of broadcast news to provide quick updates and results regarding stories that were previously published. It is the goal of print news stories to explain in detail the stories and also explain the updates that might happened.

Accuracy of Facts. When it comes to broadcast media the facts are sometimes not researched as well as a newspaper reporter story might be. This is because the broadcast media’s main goal is to get the story to the audience directly and not spend as much time researching and backing up the facts. Newspapers reporters will spend hours researching the story and making sure that the fax presented are 100% accurate and that all the information provided in a story is true.

Focus of the Media. Broadcast media will often spend time focusing on national events as well as news plus stories. Newspapers will tend to focus more upon the local events and other worldwide events that might be of significance.

Is hard to assess which form the media is better. Each form of media has its own benefits and drawbacks. To decide which form of media is better you must decide what your needs are and what the story you want to trade a public.

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