NPR Gives the Public a Voice

2010 11 13 - 0507 - Washington DC - NPR
Image by thisisbossi via Flickr

In an age when everything seems to be commercialized through advertising and marketing, there are few radio stations that have stuck to an independent public-oriented structure. NPR, formerly National Public Radio, has thrived as a non-profit media outlet that champions free speech and free-form radio. They are not affiliated with any religious or political sect, but rather try to appeal to a wide variety of listeners.

The media organization has had its ups and downs since it began in the early 1970′s but has weathered the storm to the tune of millions of listeners daily. Many different types of programs are available to be broadcast on the various stations across the United States of America. They offer news from around the world and commentaries from people in all different walks of life. As a radio station, they strive to inform, as well as entertain, as many listeners as possible.

The company has had its share of accusations of leaning too far to one side or the other on certain issues, but they have persevered through it all. To their credit, you can always expect hard news and information from educated individuals during their programming. Adversity has shown how willing this media outlet is to stick with their guns and not be swayed by political or commercial pressures.

It is sometimes difficult during this era we live in to believe everything you hear, but NPR has a way of presenting information in a very respectful manner. They also have a highly relatable quality, offering callers many opportunities to voice their opinions and debate whatever issues they are discussing. Having a media outlet that is willing to interact with the public is always a refreshing experience. NPR is a company that stands for what the United States was founded upon, free speech and giving people a platform to voice what they believe.

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