National Gallery of Art

The West Building of the National Gallery of Art
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The National Gallery of Art found in Washington, DC maintains America’s best collection of artwork. Founded in 1937, this museum retains a substantial amount of art work; many which were donated by Andrew Mellon and many others. Not only is this museum free for admission, but it is also home to the sole Leonardo Da Vinci painting found in the entire Western hemisphere.
Whether you’re a art snob or a enthusiast, The National Gallery of Art has something for everyone. With a variety of drawings, modern paintings, prints and sculptures, the collection is extensive. Visitors are sure to feel more cultured just by stepping into the museum. Multiple rooms are dedicated to renowned artist such as Titan, Raphael, Rembrandt, and Manet. The National Gallery of Art has two building, more than six acre sculpture garden, special exhibitions and plenty of art history to cover.
The East building displays contemporary and modern art such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. However, the West building has a variety of European paintings and sculptures that date back into the medieval times. The popular Sculpture Garden was added in 1999 and is a bountiful garden full of lush plants and a high canopy.
With one of the best art collections in the world, this museum was made for the enjoyment and benefit of its visitors. The National Gallery of Art was made from Congress’ joint resolution with the financier, Mellon.
Presently, this museum is supported by a private and public partnership. The U.S. government provides funds, through annual appropriations in order to support The National Gallery of Art’s maintenance and operations. All of the museum’s artwork and special programs are paid for by private donations and funds. Additionally, this museum is not linked to the Smithsonian Institution.
This elegant museum in Washington D.C. is a tourist favorite because of its beautiful collection and makes for a worthy visit for any tourist.

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