Music Legends are Memorialized at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum landed in Cleveland for a reason. Cleveland, known locally as a dying (or rusting) steel town for decades, does have some life left in the city and has had it for some time. That life revolves around a huge music scene. Numerous venues attract crowds every day of the week, from Peabody’s to the Phantasy Niteclub. Stars such as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe would be proud to know that people travel far and wide to visit their likenesses in a museum built in a city with a music foundation as vibrant as that which Cleveland offers.

Bordering Lake Erie’s southern shore, the Rock Museum draws a steady stream of visitors to the city. People from all around the country want to see this bastion of homage to artists of all stripes, just as those dedicated Elvis fans desire to visit Graceland. As one wanders the hallways and rooms of the museum, they can absorb the looks that were created by artists, for artists, in the displayed clothing styles and hairstyles of entire generations of musicians. Depending on your level of love for music, a visit to the museum can make your year, or at least your day!

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