How the Communication of Ads Have Changed Over Time

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The ways that humans communicate with each other is ever changing. There are many factors that go into the way that we communicate with each other, and the minute one element of those factors changes, the way we communicate changes completely. Taking a brief look at one isolated example can really show people how communication has changed over the years. Consider how sellers have communicated to prospective buyers through advertising.

Before radio, TV, or the Internet, the main resource for information was the newspaper. Merchants would advertise through ads in the newspaper, often times taking out small corner ads or even full-page ads, which showed exactly what they were selling and how consumers would be able to get them.

As newspapers started to be phased out, the next logical step for advertisers was to switch to radio ads. Radio ads featured brief jingles about the featured product. These small featurettes ranged from 30-second ads to whole 5-minute ads regarding the product.

Radio quickly became a thing of the past, in terms of communication growth, and was followed by the television. TV ads quickly started popping up and at first featured very similar themes to radio ads. There were jingles, songs, and little stories for commercials or ads. Over the years, TV ads have become shorter and a lot more have been jammed into the short time frame.

The latest trend in advertising is that of the use of the Internet. Companies have started using the internet as a way to get potential customers. There are so many different resources that can be used on the internet that the potential client appeal is amazing.

Next time you receive a piece of e-mail for a refinance car loan option or see a pop-up ad, just think how far ads have come.

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