Facebook communication

Currently, Facebook is quickly growing to becoming one of the primary ways individuals communicate and stay connected with individuals. With more than 500 million Facebook users, this could easily equate to a small country.

Facebook users enjoy the trust of this social media network compared to Myspace, whose downfall was because of the constant issue of spamming and false identities. Facebook is constantly growing and attracts more users because individuals can stay up-to-date with all their friends and family news while easily communicating with them on a convenient and free platform.

There are several ways Facebook presents an ease of communications that are unmatched to any other social media platform. Facebook allows its users to see their friend’s activity on the wall and even comment or ‘like’ it. This social media provides a standard area for users speak to a friend by publishing on the wall, which allows for the receiver and all of its friends to see it. The private message allows individuals to send personal messages, much like in the style of an e-mail. And finally, the Facebook chat, which allows users to see which of their friends are online and communicate live.

With the rapid growth of Facebook Pages, individuals can now freely communicate with the business, organization or public figure and sometime even garner a response from the administrator of the page. Fans or connections, are frequently using businesses as a platform to compliment or complain about problems they have experienced. This has more recently become a popular method for communicating with a business as it allows for them to receive unique feedback, present new products while gathering information and opinions from its customers. Additionally, anything that an individual writes on a wall is out for public record and can be found easily with a Google search.

Although Facebook is still growing, it has become a significant part of communicating recently as society transitions into a digital age.

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