Examples of Internet Media

Examples of Internet Media

The Internet is usually thought of as a way to connect people and help them better their communication. However, the Internet is quickly turning into a viable form of broadcast media. There are dozens of different outlets that news stations all over the world use in an effort to broadcast the news from coast-to-coast. Here’s a look at some of the components that make up the Internet media world.

Blogs. Blogging is a prime example of how the Internet has shaped the broadcast media world. Many reputable TV and radio hosts have their own blogs where they share news, information and their opinions on current events. In fact, many people regularly go to blogs as a source of information instead of heading to the regular media outlets.

Video Broadcast. The Internet allows various news stations to put up their broadcast of the news on their website. People are able to download and view segments of the local news. This allows people to have a more customized experience with the local news stations as they are able to pick and choose the stories that they view and watch. In fact, in a recent survey many people stated that they use the Internet as their prime source for the local news.

Podcasts. Podcasts have become extremely popular as a way to present information to Internet users. Podcasts are almost like radio broadcasts but only in Internet form. These podcasts have become extremely popular as a lot people to download information and receive the news that they want to hear.

Internet Radio Stations. Internet radio stations have popped up all over the world. These Internet radio stations are Internet versions to what local radio stations are to the radio. They allow people to broadcast their opinions, news and current events to the Internet public.

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