Communications, Society, and the Law

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The study of communication and how it affects society must eventually include a look at the ethical considerations involved within their interaction. Within every major story, every major broadcast or new paper headline there are ethical considerations that have to be complied with to present the information in a responsible manner. When ethical procedures aren’t followed then usually person’s legal rights have been violated. This forms the basis for cease and desist letters and numerous lawsuits. Just as broadcast communications is an ever-changing field, so are the laws that surround it. The Internet itself brought on a whole new realm of law to deal with the many issues that occur within this area.

Society craves both news and privacy. They enjoy peeps into other’s private lives but are very guarded about their own. Communication laws seek to allow the free flow of information in our society but also ensuring that the media adheres to certain checks and balances. The law will seek to ensure that ideas and certain information be freely communicated and that its expression remains diverse, by allowing for equitable access to media by all members of society. Also the law will operate to ensure that entities in charge of various modes of communication are responsible, ethical and held accountable for their actions. When interviews are conducted certain procedures must be followed, when people give information but wish to keep their identity private certain procedures must be followed.

Communication is a part of the very framework of our society. Policies that that govern or seek to ensure that individuals are free to express themselves utilizing the wealth of technology available. As important is the ensuring that the expression takes place within the parameter of the laws that exist to protect individuals from the members of society that aren’t responsible.

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