Communications and its Impact on Society

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Historically the way a society communicates has been a gauge of how advanced they were. In today’s society there is an unceasing need for information that fuels and ever-changing world of technology- especially as it applies to communication. There are three major areas that have been dramatically impacted by the new wave of modes of communications- news outlets, personal communications, and the legal arena.

News Outlets

Long gone are the days when news took days to reach the general public. In fact with the hyper speed of communication that takes place on social medial outlets. There have been plenty of instances where news channels picked up their breaking stories from social media sites. Newspapers too have had to morph. Long were they the magnates of disseminating information, a number of them are struggling to survive and all of them offer digital versions of their publications.

Personal Communications

Members of society have steadily been able to draw closer. Communication with family and friends is now instantaneous. Staying in close contact with past friends and acquaintances is now a matter of a quick name search. Cell phones, digital cameras, email, and instant messaging make it possible to communicated with anyone, anywhere. Even the job market has changed; people can now work for companies all over the world from the comfort of their own home.

Legal Arena

Criminals and those that engage in criminal enterprises have also felt the impact that communication has on society. Law enforcement agencies can quickly transmit information to each other to assist in the capture and detainment of criminals. Criminal records and histories are easily searchable and social networking sites are being used to successfully apprehend an ever-growing number of criminals.

Communication has brought us closer as a society, changed our marketplace, and even increased our efficiency in bringing individuals to justice.

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