Communicating Re-defined in the West by the East

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The East no longer means Korea through Indonesia, China, through India. The East is an idea that much of the “old” East has discarded as a lost art, so that the “West” now claims it as theirs. Yes, this is a mind twist, but so is communication.

The vast majority of humans on this little planet seem to have it in their heads that communication comes primarily in two forms: verbal and written. That is a misnomer on two levels. Primary communication between two people, when that communication is balanced, is body language, facile expression and tone. The words are simply idiosyncratic definers to make the communication more precise.

If you want proof of this, work under a master Sensei for 22 years. You will get the drift. Walk your Western life in the arms of a woman from Thailand or Indonesia and the realities will really set in. She wakes in Thailand at 2 p.m. your time in the United States. You smell the perfume she puts on in her morning and she sends you a shot of her energy from 12,000 miles away. No words needed. She just communicated “I miss you.” For those of you lost in the continual conflict of materialism versus the undefined, this is real. As anyone from Indonesia who is willing to share what they know.

Humanity is just now waking to the realities of true communication after having buried them for thousands of years. Giving is the most positive form of communication ever devised, from online giving trends that span the globe, to the hug from grandpa, to the immediate shot of love from your mate 12,000 miles away. Talk covers so much. Silence opens the door to wisdom that has no words. Remember that next time you think you have the definition of anything. If you used words, you missed half of the reality.

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