Business Communications – An Overview

Business communication can fall in one of three main categories, a businesses internal communications, a businesses communications with other businesses that it has dealings with, and a businesses communication with its customers. All three areas of communication are essential to having a thriving and successful business, especially in today’s society.

A businesses internal communications incorporates the sharing of information between all levels of the business. This can include emails, phone messages, company reports, company blogs, and company meetings. Most businesses will have certain policies regarding internal communications. It is essential to the flow of a business that excellent lines of communication remain open so everyone is aware of major happenings like company events, changes in H.R. policies, and changes in company policies as well as smaller departmental meetings, information related to the performance of job positions, or information requests received within the company.

Businesses communication with suppliers and vendors is extremely important as well. This will include placing orders, communicating deadlines, negotiating of contracts and more. Most communication between companies will occur via phone, online, and via facsimile.

Communication with customers is without a doubt the most important communication that a business will have. This will include advertising, public relations, marketing, branding, customer relations and more. In our current society, this will also include a businesses communication with its customers via online methods. Almost every business large or small has a website or a blog. Business are always developing new communication be it video, podcast, or written words to convey a message to their customers about the goods they are selling, sales items, or any promotions/special offerings. Businesses also use online methods to convey and establish their brand in a customers’ mind. Social networking methods have also become a very common way for businesses to communicate with their customers and to keep track of the online buzz about their company.

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