Broadcast Communication Careers

Video camera in action.

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There are a number of careers available for individuals that want to get involved in broadcast communication. Two of the mostly highly sought involve careers in news reporting and as a TV/video camera operator or editor. No matter which area you are interested in a career in broadcast communications can be very challenging and rewarding.

News Reporting

A career in news reporting can include working as a news analyst, or a reporter, or even a correspondent. You must be well skilled in gathering information and then disseminating it for viewers. Individuals must have a degree in either journalism or communications. There are numerous options within this field including local or nationwide broadcasters; also sports and weather reporting are two very popular segments. In order to be successful you must be tolerant of long and abnormal hours as well as to the pressure of working under deadlines.

TV /Video Camera Operators and Editors

If being in front of a camera isn’t what you are looking for, then maybe try out a behind the scenes career as a TV/Video camera operator or editor. A camera operator is in charge of operating the cameras, being aware of which types of cameras need to be used in certain situations, and the proper angle and lighting for taking shots. Editors are in charge of editing footage or sounds in order to make it ready for broadcast or distribution.

Individuals that wish to enter these fields don’t necessarily need to obtain a particular type of education, albeit there are many institutions that offer degrees in both fields. You will need however the ability to think quickly on your feet, be very creative, and have the ability to learn quickly in a hands on situation. Technical prowess is also an essential skill. These positions are highly competitive and heavily pursued.

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