Balboa Park in San Diego provides beautiful and informative musuems

San Diego Museum of Man
Image by Michael in San Diego, California via Flickr

Although it may not seem so, museums are a lively place full of history, wonder and unique exhibits. They serve as a small guide for a peak into the past, present or future and cause curious individuals to ponder new questions.
Balboa Park, located in San Diego is known for being a popular destination for tourist and it’s abundance of culture and fifteen renowned museums. Balboa Park is the largest cultural park in America. With beautiful performing arts areas, lush botanical gardens and even the San Diego Zoo nearby, this park will take your breath away as there is so much to see and do, which cannot be covered all in one day.
Its ornate buildings provide a glimpse into San Diego’s history, while the abundance of green and plants make it an inviting park to stroll through or have a picnic.
The Japanese Friendship Garden is considered a museum, and gives visitors a chance to get in touch with their inner zen. A massive koi pond is the focal point and filled with these brightly colored fish. A small trail leads visitors around the pond and allows them to feel at ease and relaxed.
The Reuben H. Fleet Center is Southern California’s sole IMAX dome theater that makes individuals feel as if they are actually apart the film. The science exhibits provides more than 100 interactive science exhibits and allow individuals to become aware of the world around them. A perfect place for the kids, the Reuben H. Fleet Center makes science education and fun.
The sole museum dedicated to anthropology, San Diego Museum of Man brings history alive. With its dynamic displays and exhibits that allow visitors peak into the past, this museum serves a purpose of collecting, preserving and interpreting. It takes individuals through a history of how man has evolved and came to be.
Although there are plenty of museums to cover, Balboa Park makes for a great tourist destination for knowledge junkies or those who enjoy the simple beauty and culture of the park.

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