Art museums

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Image by San Diego Shooter via Flickr

Art museums may have one imagining a snobby atmosphere filled with cultural socialites, however this is not always the case. These museums seek to provide a wide variety of art and exhibits that can be geared to any demographic. An art museum doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime visit, it is a perfect place for hand-holding romantics or for those looking to impress a date with their cultural expertise.
For those unsure of what to do in a art museum, the common courtesy is to linger between each painting for 10 to 15 seconds and think about its meaning and construction process. Don’t touch or take photos with the artwork as this can result in being thrown out or scolded by the curator.
Although San Diego is not known for being the cultural hub for budding artist, it is home to two prominent art museums. Since 1950, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego has been known for presenting dynamic artwork that engages audiences. One museum is located in La Jolla while the other museum is found in downtown San Diego.
The La Jolla museum provides visitors with a breathtaking ocean view from the Edward Garden Gallery. They also offer lunch on the patio at the museum cafe. The downtown museum is in a historical building where individuals picked up their baggage from the train station.
Art is no longer just paint or graphite, so anticipate the unusual and confusing. The museums strives to show growing and dynamic areas of art, which mean they may not always be the most coherent when observing it. To learn more about the artist and their work, be prepared to read the artist’s statement, which provides an in depth look into their vision and inspirations.
These museums serve to take a peek into innovative and unique styles of artwork.

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