Communications and Radio

Communications and radio use have changed over the years, but the radio is still a reliable source of information for many.

Turn Up the Dial

Since you probably shouldn’t be talking on your cell phone while putting on your lipstick and watching TV in your car, the radio still is a handy feature. And today, you can get all sorts of channels due to the invention of digital programming. People turn to radio not only for the news, but they also listen for:

  • Talk programs
  • Music
  • Crappy morning shows
  • Crappy afternoon shows
  • Shock jocks
  • Late night conspiracy call in shows
  • Another public radio support drive

You might flip your radio on instinctively when you get in your car because it seems like a good idea to pass the time until you make it to the dentist or some other location. And then again, you might be one of the hard core radio listeners who like to listen to the radio all the time. You might pop on your favorite public radio station just to fill up your brain with blah, blah until you can make it to wherever you’re trying to go.

Communicating Over Radio Waves

But in all seriousness, the radio is a pretty handle tool for communication. While communication methods have changed, this form of communication still makes sense, especially in emergencies. Since your computer is probably going to be down during the apocalypse, you will need to dust off your radio to find out where the dark horsemen are going to be. A crank radio will be best since batteries are only going to last so much, so keep that in mind.

Though students might only see an old time radio at a museum, this doesn’t mean that the radio is completely useless anymore. The radio is retro, you know. And it’s still giving people a chance to connect to others and to listen to the opinions of others. Plus, you can yell back at the people on the radio and they’ll never know.